Watch: Tom Freund - “What’s Up Christmas Stocking”

Take a look and listen to the brand new holiday single from an artist that is compared with the likes of Lucinda Williams and Townes Van Zandt.

With his new holiday single, “What’s Up Christmas Stocking,” Tom Freund has created a love song that captures what the holidays mean to him.
“Reflecting back, I'm pretty sure that I wrote this one to assure myself that I wasn’t alone," he says. "A lot of my songs are notes to self. And it was also simultaneously a way for me to reach out to someone I care about and was missing.”
“What’s Up Christmas Stocking” has playful moments with relationship-isms and some L.A.-isms in the mix as well. For example, Freund sings about “the dirty boulevard of broken dreams.” “I think the overall message is that you’re never alone—even for those that might feel that way on the holidays,” he says. “You've gotta trust.”

Recorded by engineer Robi Banerji at Village Studios in L.A., the song features former Jeff Buckley drummer Matt Johnson. PJ Pesce shot the video for the song featuring Freund and Johnson cutting “What’s Up Christmas Stocking” live in studio A on piano and drums, respectively. Freund later added upright bass as well as strings from Ollie Kraus at his home studio.

 Throughout his career, Freund has released more than a dozen records and recorded and performed with the likes of Elvis Costello, Jackson Browne and longtime collaborator Ben Harper, with whom he’s made numerous album and toured the world. Freund has also toured with rock legend Graham Parker and appeared with him in the Judd Apatow film This Is 40.
Freund has dipped his toes into multiple genres, melding whatever sounds happen to strike his fancy at that moment. His songs have been featured on TV shows like Parenthood, Better Things and One Tree Hill. He currently has co-wrote, sang and played songs with Elvis Costello, KT Tunstall, Dave Matthews and Diana Krall for the Amazon show Pete The Cat.