Exclusive Audio: Old Heavy Hands - “Shelter Me”

Check out this great track from North Carolina’s rootsy, genre-bending band.

Collectively, Old Heavy Hands have survived a musical “misspent youth” full of punk ambitions, cancer and beat addictions to share stages with acts like Jason Isbell, John Moreland, Lucero, Tyler Childers and more. In January, 2024, Old Heavy Hands will release the album Small Fire’s. We’ve partnered with the band to bring a special preview of “Shelter Me” from the album for your listening enjoyment.

Small Fires was produced by Danny Fonorow and engineered by Ted Comerford & legendary producer Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Pavement, Wilco, Drive-By-Truckers) at the Fidelitorum. The song captures feelings of futility in an uncaring and unforgiving world.

Old Heavy Hands features David Self, Larry Wayne Slaton, John Chester, Josh Cole and Nathan James Hall.

About “Shelter Me”:
“Occasionally, we all experience moments when it seems like the world is collapsing around us. In the year 2020, when "Shelter me" was crafted, this sentiment was particularly pronounced for many. This heartfelt love song is set against a backdrop of turmoil: a pandemic, political discord, and incidents of police brutality. 'Shelter me' channels the spirit of the 1960s, both in its sound and lyrics. The song opens with Motown-inspired drums and concludes with call-and-response vocals and guitar harmonies. It serves as a heartfelt plea for compassion in a world that often appears to be lacking in it.” - Larry Wayne Slaton