Exclusive Premiere: Coleman Jennings and the Roaddogs - "Caroline"

Yet another talented riser in the country music world, Coleman Jennings and his band Roaddogs are set to release their debut EP "Know No Leash," set to release in 2023. Listen to this track," Caroline," from the EP here!

We're always searching for exciting talent to share with y'all and we've found anther such artist in Coleman Jennings, an awe-inspiring lyricist and song composer who writes narrative driven lyrics along with sounds which blend influences really well for an intoxicating musical moment. "Caroline," (pre-save here) from his and his band the Roaddogs's forthcoming January 2023 EP release, Know No Leash, is one such song and we're very excited to share it with y'all today.

What Coleman Jennings has to say about "Caroline:"
“Caroline is a story about a man who feels like a failure. It’s about when you love someone and want to give them everything but can’t. A working man's tale about the relentless pursuit of trying to provide and love simultaneously; a tale of the resilience and unconditionality of real love.” It was initially quite upbeat and happy sounding with only Travis picking on the guitar, an upbeat bass, and rhythmic single note electric guitar/double time drums on the chorus. But when Finn laid the piano down it became sadder and morphed into a kind of ‘happy-sad’ song…it embodies that beautiful dissonance where you're unsure if the song is happy or sad.”

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