Buckstein - "I'll Make A Country Girl Outta You Yet"

With his new EP “Country Side” set to release in a couple of weeks, we present to you the exclusive world premiere of “I’ll Make A Country Girl Outta You Yet” right here!

We’re always looking for cool and unique new music and Buckstein is yet another artists to keep on your radar. Buckstein is a talented singer/songwriter out of Denver who has a brand of country music that has massive appeal. Focused on making music which appeals to all audiences and not just country artists, Buckstein is a talented singer/songwriter with new music via Angry Duck Records. We hope you enjoy the track and especially hope you’ll take a look at our brief Q&A with him to learn more about the song and his music too.

1) What prompted you to write this song? What is the inspiration behind it? Was there a particular girl in your life who was resisting her "country side"? Did you end up making a country girl out of her?

Really it was just fans in general. I hear it all that time: "I don't like country but I like you." I love hearing that from anyone, and of course it always does good things to a man's ego when those words come from a pretty girl. Since "love" and "connection" are popular topics throughout all genres of music this just made sense to me. I've heard a lot of songs about country girls and boys but not too many about turning city girls country. I wrote this song with the prolific and prominent Nashville songwriter, Larry McCoy. When we sat down I had the idea for the hook of the tune and I wanted it to be in a minor key. I think Larry was a little hesitant of minor key feel but he rolled with it. By the time we were done he told me it came out pretty cool.

2) How was it to record the song? What was the studio session like?

The studio session was solid. Andy Rok, my producer for this EP, seemed to get it right away and had a lot of ideas. The musicians all grooved with it too. You don't want to have to sell a song at any stage. You want the song to sell itself from the guitar/vocal recordings all the way up to the finished product. This song seemed to do that for everyone along the way.

3) Got any funny/interesting/entertaining stories from the recording session?

The only funny story I have about this tune is my refusal to call it anything but "I'll Make a Country Girl Outta You Yet." It's too long of a title. It's too long for radio. It's too long for streaming radio. It's too long for downloading. My co-writer knew it was too long. My producer knew it was too long. My publicist knows it's too long. Even I know it's too long. But I just refused to call it "Country Girl." I just felt like it blends in with the crowd too much that way. I probably shouldn't have been so stubborn about it.

The only other kinda interesting story was that I played this song once for Bart Butler who went on to write and produce a bunch of stuff with Jon Pardi. At the time Bart said: "Man, that sounds really good, but why is it in a minor key? You should make it major and really drive it!" To which I said, "Naw, man. It's sexier that way." A couple years later Bart and Jon wrote and released "Dirt on My Boots," a sexy, minor-key tune about taking a country girl uptown. I'm not saying I had anything to do with that, but I like to fantasize that maybe I got to Bart's subconscious somehow. A guy can dream.

4) Have you performed this song live yet? If so, what was the audience response to it?

As of right now I've never performed it on stage. It was written years ago and I'm just now getting it out, so I've had the opportunity to play it for a lot of friends and family who all seemed to enjoy it. I've also played it for a few girls in private... Let's just say the response was very good.

5) What kind of message do you think this song gives to listeners about you as an artist?

I think the message for this song is right on the wrapper: "Kick off them heels, throw on them boots, see how you're diggin' on these country boy roots." Right there in the lyrics. Basically just "give it a whirl and see how it moves you."

6) Tell us about the EP overall. What is it all about?

This EP is one that doesn't have a consistent theme. But if there is a recurring theme it's definitely about finding your "Country Side." This EP was a chance for me and the listener to explore some different colors and flavors that exist in my country world. You get inside the mind of Buckstein a little here. Good or bad that's what you get. These songs are all important to me for one reason or another. Either because they're meaningful, funny, or they just sounded good and moved me. I'm happy to have this one under my belt. To finally have something to give to my fans who have been asking for original music for so long. It's been a trip. But now that I've made it to here, I'm looking forward to more and more and more of it. This EP is hopefully a solid start of something bigger. I put a lot of heart and love into getting it right. And now that I have it my hands and I'm just about ready to get out and start playing it live, I'm really curious to see what it brings me, what I learn from it, and where I go from here.

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