Dierks Bentley & Elle King - "Different For Girls"

Check out the new single from Dierks Bentley and alt-pop star Elle King while you see what we have to say about the hot new track.

There have been lots of songs that compare guys and girls and how they do and hear things, even songs that discuss similar topics as "Different For Girls" but never in this way. I've seen a few people react to the single saying that they don't know any guys like the one Dierks discusses here but that's missing the lyrical intent. The song is saying, in a unique way, how guys are more often able to mask their feelings and pain of a breakup, suppress them even, while girls emote and feel and usually are unable to just get over being dumped by masking the pain.

That's the sum of "Different For Girls." It's about, really, guys suppressing emotions no matter what and the fact really is, they shouldn't "fast forward through the pain when the tears might well up." In reality, this song is about the fact that guys should really be more like girls and FEEL their pain, not mask it.