Whitney Rose - "Little Piece Of You"

"'Little Piece of You' is about as light hearted as my songwriting will ever get," says Whitney. "It's a shameless, happy love song…about being so in awe of someone that you just can't fathom how this person even exists."

We're very excited to share this talented artist with y'all. Hailing from Prince Edward Island in Canada, Whitney Rose earned raves across Canada her brand of country music that recalls a bygone era without ever feeling like a rehash of that era. Instead, like her friends The Mavericks, Whitney Rose knows how to make music that sounds as fresh today as it would've sounded if recorded in the past.

The Mavericks were so infatuated with Whitney that they had her open for the band on two separate tours and that lead the band's lead singer Raul Malo to produce the upcoming Heartbreaker of the Year with 2 of his bandmates (drummer Paul Deakin and Pianist/organist Jerry Dale McFadden) serving as core members of the album's studio band.

"Little Piece Of You" is just a brilliant taste of what is to be expected on the rest of Heartbreaker of the Year and we hope you like our exclusive preview of the track from Whitney Rose.