Brian Collins - "Never Really Left"

The national debut single from Brian Collins, a rising star from Georgia. "Never Really Left" is from his upcoming album "Healing Highway."

One of our favorite discoveries at the 2014 CMA Music Festival was when we stumbled into the Chevy Roadhouse Stage and heard Brian Collins perform. It takes a lot to get us excited for new music but upon hearing Brian and his band perform, we felt like it was our duty to get Brian Collins and his new music to as many people as possible. Today we get to do that as we provide y'all with the world premiere of "Never Really Left," The lead single from the upcoming Healing Highway album.

You can check him out on Twitter, Facebook or even Tumblr in addition to his own website. Also, you might could request "Never Really Left" to become a SiriusXM Highway find.

What do you think of Brian Collins and "Never Really Left?"


  • Ken

    Awesome single off of an amazing album!!

  • Amy K.

    Brian Collins is awesome! Nice to hear someone who writes his own music and has the talent to deliver it! Love this song and the entire album!!!

  • Mama Sue

    I "discovered" Brian Collins a couple years ago when he was opening for another band. While he was still playing the first song, I texted a friend in the headliner band and said, "I love this guy." I can also tell you that he is one of the hardest working guys you'll ever meet. He's kind, sincere and genuine. I'm blessed to call him my friend. And the icing on the cake...he can write & sing like no other. Thanks BC for making my world a better place.

  • Livewire

    This is great to sse! I agree quite a discovery. Listened to the album on it sounds really strong. The single is being promoted to Europe and was Top 10 on Hotdisc heading up the chart. Also drew a big response with airplay on the BBC. If only country radio wasn't so "controlled" by Clear Channel in America. Jason Aldean gets all those ADDS yet Brian's music is far more appealing to my ears. It deserves to make the Billboard chart but will join the talents like Brandy Clary and Ashley Monroe on Sirius.

  • cat

    Thanks so much for featuring this! Love Brian Collins!!

  • Rick

    Thanks for sharing Brian's music. "Never Really Left" is a great song.

  • Laura

    The album is simple, not over produced, and what you have is great songwriting and vocals. The way music was meant to be played.

  • Patsy

    So appreciate Roughstock putting Brian Collins' fantastic music out here. This song speaks to my heart. Love love love it! His new album -- Healing Highway -- is awesome!! I suggest folks go to one of his shows and pick it up!

  • Lexi

    As someone who lives in Nashville, with the constant barrage of music, I find real joy in quality, well-crafted songs. Brian Collins has a sound that speaks to the masses, but not in a pandering fashion. He bleeds music and the audience can feel it in each and every song. I absolutely adore "Never Really Left," as well as every song on "Healing Highway." When was the last time you can say you loved every song on an album? For me, almost never. Please continue to share his music with the nation, people deserve quality for once! Bravo, Brian!

  • Tammy Coates

    Matt, Once I started listening to Brian Collins, I Never Really Left. I not only love his Song Writing, the Music he plays, But I love his Soulful Voice. I absolutely Love how BC does not sound like many of the other Artist today. I can pick his voice out in a crowded room and I'd stand to hear him all night long too. Truthfully, I have not heard a Brian Collins' Song that I do not like. His newest Healing Highway Album, is just the latest of his good stuff. Thank You So Much for helping, Shine a Little Love on BC!!

  • Bill Ezell

    I've been following Brian now for a couple of years. I have had the sincere pleasure of being part of his family and his Street Team, " The Brian Collins Brigade". You will not find a more earnest, modest, and personal person than Brian. His is true to his music as well as his friends. Thank You Brian for bringing us "Healing Highway" Thank you for being my friend. To everyone else out there... Make sure you see Brian Collins Live. Performing at The Attic in Decatur, GA THIS THURSDAY NIGHT.

  • Diane

    I have Brians CD. its wonderful.. i look forward to listening to it every single day. His music is just wonderful. He deserves to be heard, he has worked so hard to get where he is. Keep that music coming!

  • Karin

    I LOVE his music. Thanks for the share. It is very soulful music that you want to stick on repeat on your player as you really can't get enough. Can't wait to hear more by such a talented artist.

  • Rdt Parker

    Brian Collins is awesome. He always makes great music and he puts on a hell of a show. He does house shows to. They are my favorite. Go see this guy.

  • Ed

    Really like this song. I was also at the show in Nashville and agree that it was amazing. Brian has put his heart and soul into this album. It is more than I ever expected it to be. Every song is great.

  • Chris Convery

    I have been following Brian Collins for a few years now. I think he is an excellent singer-songwriter. It is only a matter of time before Nashville and the rest of the nation catch up with what I already know Brian is headed for stardom.

  • Robyn

    Love this song! Great find Matt! Thanks for sharing

  • Catherine

    Love the song! Can't wait to hear more from Brian Saturday.;)

  • Liz Ryan

    Everyone needs a copy of this CD!

  • Mike Sabetta

    Brian was on a music cruise I went on in February. I totally enjoyed his sets on the boat and promptly came home and bought his back catalog. " Healing Highway" is amazing starting with "Never Really Left" and not letting up throughout the whole track list; Brian's music is easily one of my best discoveries of 2014

  • Kristina

    We love Brian Collins' music!!!

  • Jessica

    So good. Thank you for sharing. :)

  • Nigel Johnson

    Never heard of him before February of this year but had a chance to see him live and what a great talent! Bought Healing Highway and the album is great from start to finish. Thank you for recognizing real talent!

  • Cathy

    Its a good song - I googled formore and there are better ones on you tube (my opinion) and some have over 3-4k views. ANyway it's hard to get played as an old(er) artist but with his voice i hope he does!!!!!!!

  • cindi

    Love this song and Brian, this man is totally awesome as his music. Thanks for spreading the word and playing his song. His new album Healing Highway is amazing , he truly writes from the heart which I love.

  • Cheryl

    Great song, great album, great performer. Thanks for helping more music lovers discover Brian Collins!

  • Nancy P.

    Love love this song! Have seen Brian several times, he is a truly gifted songwriter and musician!!!

  • Jenny H.

    I love Brian Collins! This has absolutely been a long time coming and I am beyond thrilled to show my support for him, and Healing Highway. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cindi

    I'm truly amazed with Brian his music is from the heart which is nice to hear. I just love his music. He doesn't disappoint weather he sings with his band or by himself. You will love him and his music weather it's your first time hearing him or you heard him many times

  • Selah

    What a great song, eh? Thanks so much for doing us all a favor and helping spread the word about this amazing artist! Honest, heartfelt, inspiring, empowering, REAL and soul soothing music. It doesn't get much better than that...

  • Marty Austin

    love this song, thanks for sharing it with sure to check out his album Healing Highway, it's filled with great songs, lyrics and music...we saw Brian in Nashville a few times when we were down there, he puts on an awesome show...real music for real people!!!

  • Kathy Gray

    Isn't it refreshing to hear non-formula, well-written songs that aren't about pick-up trucks and chicks shaking their booties? Not only does Brian pen incredible lyrics and music, but he is such a talent in the playing and signing department too! On top of it all, just an all-around GREAT guy! Glad to know you have joined "The Brian Collins Brigade" Matt!

  • Penny

    Great find! Thanks for sharing Brian Collins with the world. Great song!

  • Santos

    Great find for sure. Brian's place in country music is as fresh as the crisp morning air here in Nashville, Tennesses today. Thank you for being the first to recognize it Matt Bjorke!

  • Kay

    Thanks so much for spreading the music of Brian Collins. Love this song and his new album Healing Highway!