Lorrie Morgan Invites Beyoncé To Be her Guest at the Grand Ole Opry

Country music has long been open to “outsiders,” despite what others might want to believe. Lorrie Morgan proves this with her gracious invite to have Beyoncé join her at the Grand Ole Opry for a performance in 2024.

Country Music star Lorrie Morgan, an iconic member of the Grand Ole Opry, has offered to welcome Beyoncé to join her at the Grand Ole Opry as her guest. Morgan, for her part, is hoping to show the star artist behind “Texas Hold ‘Em” what makes the institution a great honorable and welcoming place. The invitation came through Lorrie’s official Facebook page.

Her statement is as follows:

There was a time when guitars and drums were not allowed at the Grand Ole Opry!

The Opry has been my home since I was a young girl and this year I will celebrate 40 years as a member! It’s hard to believe!

Many people have graced that staged and been graced BY that sacred circle. It is music. It is meant to bring people together.

Lots of country artists have shared their music outside of country and artists outside of country have taken a turn in boots and hats! Good music always rises to the top, no matter the “label.”

Yes, some have been welcomed into “my home” and shown disrespect. Most, however, understand the honor and have even brought new fans to recognize the precious legacy of the institution.

I’ve recorded songs of The Eagles, I perform standards, and have been invited to record with Frank Sinatra and The Beach Boys. I’m sure more than a few raised their eyebrows, so…

I will entertain NO haters here when I extend my own INVITATION to Beyoncé to join me at the Grand Ole Opry this anniversary year… welcome to our home, girl! Allow me to show you around, meet the fans and share with you the true meaning this iconic, historic place!

And there you have it, Lorrie Morgan is all about the music and it being what it’s meant to be; It’s meant to bring everyone together and as she’s offering her olive branch to Beyoncé, it’s one I hope the iconic genre-bending star takes to give the world more reason to come together and rejoice in the sound of wonderful music.