Colin Stough Releases Acoustic Version of “Sleep Tonight”

A runner-up in the 2023 cycle of American Idol, Stough offers an intimate take on the track from, his just-released debut EP “Promiseland.”

Colin Stough has a lot to be thankful for so far in 2023 as he has released “Sleep Tonight (Acoustic)” to all digital retailers and to all streaming platforms this week as he celebrates his debut EP release, Promiseland. That EP, full of heart-filled songs, introduced the fiery vocalist to the world outside of American Idol, where he placed third in 2023’s 21st season of the iconic star-making television show, earning praise from Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. After the ending of the show, Stough worked on writing and recording original music and subsequently signed a recording deal with 19 Recordings/BMG and has scored over 9.4 million global on-demand streams of his songs.

Promiseland features six tracks including the powerful “Sleep Tonight.” Working with Sean Rogers, Colin has re-imagined the tune while simultaneously showcasing a new texture to his country/rock vocals. The song, which he wrote with Roger’s and Brian Congdon, is something very personal to him.

“I actually started this one as a poem, so a more raw version felt true to where this song came from. I was really hurting after hearing about another death in my life and I just started writing,” shares Stough. “Once I took that poem into the writing room, we got our guitars and started writing, so it really did begin as a guitar-vocal. Stripping back the production lets these lyrics be the focus and makes it hit even harder since this writing is so personal to me.”

You can watch the video performance of this acoustic track by clicking here.