Review: Alex Miller - Country

Rising star behind the single “When God Made The South” showcases growth on second release through Billy Jam Records.

From the moment he appeared on American Idol showcasing all of his charm, personality and potential, Alex Miller has been winning people over. In 2022 he released his debut album Miller Time which deftly mixed roots styles with modern production techniques. His mentor, friend and co-writer Jerry Salley also serves as Alex’s album producer and has helped steer Alex towards the tranditional-leaning country music he has always loved to listen to and sing.

On Country, the EP is, well, C-O-U-N-T-R-Y. There are twangy guitars, fiddles and steel guitars all in the mix to give us evidence of a full-throated vocalist who has a nice range in his Kentucky-reared vocal style. Landing somewhere between Whitley and Nichols on the country music meter, Alex Miller proves throughout the duration of Country’s five songs. “When God Made The South” is an ode to everything that makes the Southern USA a great place to be. Meanwhile, “Every Time I Reach For You” is as tender a ballad as you’ll find on any country music record. “Girl, I Know A Guy,” “Puttin’ Up Hay,” and “Gettin’ Lucky In Kentucky” all showcase the humorous side of Alex Miller and the ways that he is appreciative and a stellar practitioner of the kind of fun country music that just allows for a grand ole time in a live setting.
If there’s any negative to Country, it’s that it’s only five songs long. This is a real, genuine country music artist from a real, genuine country (young) man who loves singing real, genuine Country music songs. And I’m a real, genuine person who loves the real, genuine Country music that Alex Miller is making. Here’s hoping he’s has several more servings of real, genuine Country music coming our way in the near future.
Cover art for “Country” EP (C)Billy Jam Records
Cover art for “Country” EP (C)Billy Jam Records