Lauren Watkins Signs With Songs & Daughters/Big Loud Records

Singer/songwriter set to release first two tracks to digital streamers on Friday, April 14.

Big Loud Records and Songs & Daughters today announced the signing of Lauren Watkins to their record label roster. The singer/songwriter will release her first ever tunes this Friday with “Shirley Temple” and “Camel Blues.”

Raised in South Nashville with three sisters, Watkins grew up listening to classic country and southern rock with heavy influences ranging from Lynyrd Skynyrd to George Jones; Miranda Lambert to Sheryl Crow and Eric Church to Kenny Rogers. Lauren spent her college years creating her own musical tapestry, complete with hard-edge, no-frills lyrical truths, while at the University of Mississippi where she played hole in the wall dives to develop her sounds.

“Lauren Watkins is a rare talent,” says Seth England, Big Loud CEO & Partner. “We’ve been quietly working on what we believe will be one of the most exciting new artists in our format for about a year, listening to the music she’s turned in and pinching ourselves at the incredible poetry and musicality. It’s a privilege to be part of her team of champions and advocates.”
Everything about Lauren’s writing and voice is a perfect representation of who she is as a person – effortless and unique,” adds Nicolle Galyon, Head of Songs & Daughters. “There really is no limit to where her songs will take her and I’m so excited for the world to get to hear what we hear.”

“Country music has been one of the biggest parts of my life for as long as I can remember,” says Watkins. “And all this time I’ve had this vision and dream in my head of what it would look and sound like when I finally got to make music of my own. Songs & Daughters and Big Loud have given me the space and the time to actually do it. These songs were always gonna exist because they’re just my life in melodies. Having a label that believes in them and believes in how these songs can reach people is the biggest dream come true. I’m grateful they’re giving us – me and my songs – a chance.”

Lauren Watkins’ debut album, produced by Big Loud’s Joey Moi, Introducing Lauren Watkins, is set for release April 21.

“I’m so proud of these songs. I believe in country music and good songwriting, and I hope that people believe it’s still alive when they hear this work,” Watkins adds. “I just want to be a vessel for these words and melodies to move people the same way country music has moved me and shaped parts of my life. Mainly, I want to write about real things that people feel. I think we’re all out here thinkin’ and feelin’ the same things most of the time, it’s just a matter of who’s willing to say it.”

Lauren Watkins Introducing Lauren Watkins TrackList:

1. “Sleeping In My Makeup” (Lauren Watkins, Tofer Brown, Lauren Hungate, Meg McRee)
2. “Camel Blues” (Lauren Watkins, Jonathan Gamble, Lauren Hungate, Matt Morrisey)
3. “Anybody But You” (Lauren Watkins, Rodney Clawson, Mark Holman, Ernest Keith Smith)
4. “Grain of Salt” (Lauren Watkins, Andrew DeRoberts, Lauren Hungate)
5. “Shirley Temple” (Lauren Watkins, Nicolle Galyon, Meg McRee)
6. “Ole Miss” (Lauren Watkins, Adam James, Mikey Reaves)
7. “Dark Places” (Lauren Watkins, Shane McAnally, Caroline Watkins)