Album Review: Adam Doleac - "Barstool Whiskey Wonderland"

An album built to be heard and explored from the first to the final track, Adam Doleac's long-awaited debut album is finally here.

It’s a shame that some may only know Adam Doleac because of his single “Another.” It’s not a bad song, just that it’s driven by an annoying finger snap rhythm. There are far better tracks to choose from on Barstool Whiskey Wonderland, an extended, 18-track album. Dig a little deeper, and expect to be rewarded.

Maybe country radio isn’t quite ready for the gentle, acoustic “Where Country Music Comes From.” It has a lonesome, but sweet, sound. Doleac sings it simply and beautifully, as steel guitar comes in and out of its mix. Doleac gets extra points for referencing George Strait and one of his songs on it. “Fake Love,” which features vocal help from Danielle Bradbery, also leans toward the pop-country spectrum, but it’s done far more effectively.

You have to just love the album’s title, too: Barstool Whiskey Wonderland. In just three words, it perfectly sums up the country lifestyle of some. It’s a heartbroken ballad, with a powerful build up to the chorus. Then there’s “Drinkin’ It Wrong,” which – while it rocks – does so quite nicely, the way Luke Combs gets away with cranking up the sonics so often. Doleac plays booze philosopher again with “Hey Drink,” where he comes face to face with his liquid adversary.

The country music industry is severely short on patience, and oftentimes leads with what it thinks will get the most immediate attention. Don’t let its sometimes-wrongheaded instincts keep you from the deep cut goodness found on Barstool Whiskey Wonderland, though. A near-wonderland is awaiting you just beyond this artist’s single.