Morgan Wade Announces Deluxe Edition of Reckless; Set For Late January 2022

Rising “Wilder Days” singer set to release expanded version of one of our 10 best albums of 2021.

When Morgan Wade originally made her first full-length album Reckless, It was a satchel full of sketches torn from her own life and showcased her willingness to bear her soul in song form as she detailed the life of a girl not afraid of pushing life to the edge. That boldness also was reflected in the music and immediately connected with fans alike, leading to Morgan to her record deal with Arista Nashville and blend of roots music and country into a blend that has steadily brought Morgan more and more listeners. Now, she’s expanding that album and releasing Reckless (Deluxe Edition) on January 28, 2022.

The album ended 2021 as a featured album on nearly every major publication’s Year End Best Of 2021 lists (including ours). “I wrote to save myself,” Wade allows of her to-the-bone songs.

“It’s something that benefitted me throughout childhood. I didn’t share it with anybody, but I could be honest with myself. I didn’t have to worry about what anyone else thought... and (now) I’ve had these great big men come up to me after shows to tell me I’m saying what everybody’s thinking.

“So I figure if I keep saying the things I want to say, people are going to be thinking them, running straight into those feelings.”

Six more songs made their way onto the expanded Deluxe Edition of Reckless. Co-produced by Sadler Vaden and Paul Ebersold, the album brings about choice covers like “Suspicious Minds” and her first release, “The Night” along with “Run” and three others which help expand the stories told on Reckless.

It also sets Wade up as our lady of displaced souls. The Blue Ridge Mountain girl is willing to put her whole truth out there as an artist without flinching – and as a performer who gives it all away onstage. As she says, “Honestly, the more exposed I am, the better it makes me feel. There are a million fake people out there, and who needs more of those? Who listens to them? Or believes it? If you’re struggling, and you put it out there, people actually say, ‘I really connected with (whatever the content).’ In making other people feel less alone, somehow I’m less alone. So I give away my feelings, then I get a sense I’m not the only one.”


  • Courtney Puzzo

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