Album Review: Joe Diffie - "A Night To Remember"

See what we have to say about Joe Diffie's 1999 release (Which feature's "It's Always Somethin'," his final album for Epic Records.

Although Joe Diffie’s A Night To Remember suffers from a few too many slow songs, and not nearly enough of the man’s natural honky-tonk spunk, this, his last effort for Epic Records, still includes a few gems.

The album’s title track, which was a top ten Billboard country chart single, turns the phrase, ‘a night to remember,’ on its head. Instead of having a memorable night with the one he loves, this sad sack is throwing himself a pity party. Diffie’s steel guitar-accented, traditional country cover of “Don’t Our Love Look Natural” (originally a Keith Whitley hit), has a beautifully sad George Jones ballad quality to it. Of the album’s many slow tempo numbers, “Better Off Gone” is an especially good ballad. Another album single, “The Quittin’ Kind,” nearly jumps right out of the speakers. It has an inspiring, Steve Earle quality to it. It’s different from Diffie’s more familiar self-deprecating sense of humor lyrics. Rather, Diffie sounds positively sincere singing it. And it’s a real keeper.

One may wish there were more such keepers on A Night To Remember. Even so, this lesser Diffie effort is still worth a listen.