Album Review: Mike And The Moonpies - "Steak Night At The Prairie Rose"

Texan Traditionalists deliver stellar batch of songs with their fourth album.

Mike and the Moonpies’ Steak Night at the Prairie Rose is the sound of a good time Southern band -- with
heart. They deftly mix Southern rock, western swing and country sounds together, which surely keeps
the dancefloor busy at their concerts. But this album’s title cut includes a few softhearted words from a
son to his dad, which will also pull at the heartstrings.

“The Worst Thing” is a sad, regretful song that – with its steel guitar and harmonica – brings out the
group’s country roots. “Beaches of Biloxi” adds a little jangle rock with its twang, for a song about time
spent at riverboat casinos. Both “Things Ain’t Like They Used to Be” and “Road Crew” are travelling band
songs, filled with plenty of insight into what it’s like to be a working band.

The album closes with yet one more self-referential song, “We’re Gone.” This one swings so nicely, it’d
make Bob Wills proud. But with its added soulful organ part, you might scratch your chin and think, ‘I’m
not sure The Texas Playboys done it this way.’

Whether or not they replicate the sounds of their musical heroes exactly, though, is not really
important. Steak Night at the Prairie Rose is an album all self-respecting country fans will appreciate.