Album Review: Chase Rice - “Lambs & Lions”

Check out what we have to say about the rising star’s new album which features “Three Chords & The Truth.”

Whereas his previous albums seemed to have more than enough music, Chase Rice’s Broken Bow Records debut Lambs & Lions is a lean and mean collection of ten tracks. As a songwriter, Chase had a hand in writing seven of the 10 tracks here and one, “This Cowboy’s Hat,” is actually a cover of a popular Chris LeDoux song and is a duet with Ned LeDoux. The song actually also appears on Ned’s album which hit stores in October. “Lions” instantly showcases that this is a record which expands on Ignite The Night but fans of earlier efforts from Chase will likely find something else to like on Lambs & Lions. The album is a bit more emotionally honest and inspirational in parts (particularly in “Lions”). That song will make for a perfect live opener.

Because this is a new Chase Rice album, you know there’ll be tempo-filled concert-ready anthems and Lambs & Lions is no different. “Eyes On You” and lead single “Three Chords & The Truth” certainly serve as such songs and so does “One Love, One Kiss, One Drink, One Song,” a song with a staccato feel to it that is sing-a-long-ready. “On Tonight” too feels this way and not only is it ready for concerts but of any other song on this record, it feels like a future radio single from the album. “Unforgettable” has modern country/pop production mixed with some retro soul vibes and the song actually pairs well with Chase Rice’s early hits like “Gonna Wanna Tonight” while “Saved Me,” joins with it as an impactful ballad. Speaking of ballads, “Amen,” one of the three outside songs (it was written by Jamie Moore and Rodney Clawson) is emotional song where Chase is able to emote in a way that recalls Garth Brooks and Lee Brice (both are stylists who know how to pack a song with the emotional depth it requires).

Chase Rice has built his career with deeply loyal fans supporting him even as he has worked to figure out the next chapter of his career. Three years after releasing Ignite The Night, Chase has given those patient fans an album they’ve been waiting for but here’s the best part, he’s made a record which expands on that sound and suggests a path for where his career will go in the future. Lambs & Lions is a lean, tight collection of songs.