First Listen: Melissa Plett - "Ghost Town"

Strong songwriting serves as the anchor for her new album project recorded in Nashville.

We love to share great talent we come across and today's no different as we've partnered with Montreal, Quebec's Melissa Plett for the exclusive streaming home of her new album Ghost Town before you can buy it! We hope you enjoy the project as much as we do and hope that you'll take the time to read over this brief Q&A with Melissa while listening to the album below!

How long ago did you start writing the songs on this album? Did you have an album in your sights when you started writing, or did the plan to do one come later?

Hmmmm... how do I answer this? I could say, without knowing, I've always been working on this album. For sure working TOWARDS it. But honestly, when I first trekked down to Nashville, I didn't have a plan. All I was doing was going to "check out" the city and see what it was all about. One thing lead to another and there I was, having a coffee with some man named Pat Severs who encouraged and inspired me to dig deeper, work harder, and write better. It wasn't until a month or so after that meeting I wrote "Gone" and started to believe in my songwriting self again. After that song came out of me we started making demos and from there it was only a matter of time, and a few tracks later, we knew were ready for this album. Especially after I wrote "Ghost Town."

What is the first song you wrote on the album? What was the last song you wrote on the album?

First song would have to be "Mexico." I actually put that one on an old live off the floor album I did back in Canada seven years ago. The last song was "Ghost Town."

Do you feel there is any kind of a loose theme tying all of the songs together? If so, what is it? What do you think this album says about you as both a person and an artist?

Funny thing is, I didn't feel there was a theme with it at all. Only after we put it together, and I looked at the song order, did I realize I have some serious issues or thoughts about people staying and/or going. I mean look at the list, the first song is called "Stay" and the last is "Gone." It's like my subconscious put a story and theme together, and in a particular order, without me even knowing. I actually laughed about it with Pat when I first noticed!

As for what the album says about me, I think it probably says just about everything there is to say! Both as an artist and as a person. It's a mix of deep, and sometimes dark, personal reflection and observation, with a quick switch to upbeat, fun and a more easygoing lightheartedness. That pretty much sums me up as a person AND artist.

Although my "easygoing" stuff still seems to have an underlining darker observation which I guess I can't escape. Hahaha! But those that really know me, know my sense of humor is a bit dark so it kind of makes sense in the end!

How was it recording this album in Nashville? How do you think working on it in that city impacted the final recording?

The recording process of the entire album was a whirlwind fairy tale in my memory. It's like I had dreamed of being in a Nashville studio, playing with mind-blowing, amazing artists for so long that when it came, it was hard to believe it. I truly believe that writing a lot of these songs in and around Nashville, and then recording them in the heart of it all brings a special kind of magic to each track. There is such a rich history in that city, a feeling like no other that is impossible to imitate anywhere other than Nashville. It gets in your head... gets in your blood... and naturally flows out of each musician that works there and directly onto the album.

Do you have a favorite song on the album? If so, which one and why?

I thought I had a favorite song when we started recording, and it was "Sunshine and Liquor." But now that the tracks are all done, I'm actually super torn. The thing is, every song I write has a personal story behind it, so each track reminds me of whatever moment, situation, or thought I was having when I wrote it. And for that, they all end up becoming my favorite in different ways because I love the memories that are attached to each them.

A lot of dreams of yours have come together in recording this album and putting it out. How do you feel about it finally being released into the world?

I feel excited, nervous, relieved, stressed... an endless list of emotions. I've worked so hard for this album, developed an amazing team through it all, and I'm already looking ahead with a bit of a "now what??" feeling once it's released into the world. Gosh, it's incredibly surreal... I can't believe we're here. I can't believe I got in my car, took a random trip to Nashville, and all of this unfolded from there. Talk about feeling like you're on the right path! I couldn't have planned most of what happened when I first set out if I even tried.

On one hand, I find myself thinking, "Well that was easy," and then the other side of me steps out, looks back, and realizes no, no it was not. It's taken so much of my energy, both creative- and business-wise, and although I keep thinking, "I could do more, it could be better," eventually you have to let it out into the world.

I've never had a child, and I'm quite certain that's a millions times harder, but gosh... if it's this crazy for me to create something, develop it, then release it into the world, I can't even IMAGINE what that must be like as a parent with their child.

Funny, for a songwriter, I can't seem to come up with the best way to describe how I'm feeling right now. There are just too many things swirling... Maybe I'll have the answer to this question figured out in a song on my next album! Hahaha!

IF you like what you hear, feel free to head over to Melissa's Bandcamp page to pre-order the album! We will also have an iTunes link soon.