Album Review: Colt Ford - “Love Hope Faith”

On the sixth studio album of his career, Colt Ford is joined by stars like Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Tyler Farr and Granger Smith along with newcomers and solo tracks.

It’s been nearly three years since we’ve gotten a new Colt Ford album (2014’s Thanks For Listening was his last full-length album) but he hasn’t been idle. He released a best-of album, a concert DVD, and toured the country. Love Hope Faith is the sixth full studio album of his career and 9th overall (including compilations, EPs and Live albums). Always one to bring the heat with multiple A-list guests, Love Hope Faith is no different although this one features Colt Ford actually singing for the first time in his career.

Fiercely independent, Colt Ford is joined by the likeminded Taylor Ray Holbrook on album opener “Reload.” Here, Colt raps the verses which follow the “walk softly, carry a big stick” philosophy. It’s a strong, opinionated opener and deftly mixes snarling guitars and sinew-y fiddles for an ear pleasing record. Brad Paisley guests on “Lookin’ For A Hand Out” and not only does he sing the chorus of the ear-pleasing tune but he also brought his trademark guitar licks to the party. The song is seamless in blending the spoken/rapped verses. It’s a love song about a guy who is looking for a country girl who is just like him while “Time Flies” is the ‘beach’ tune for this record and features a game guest spot from Toby Keith himself.

The Voice season 1 winner Javier Colon guests on “No Rest” and like a lot of country songs these days, it’s loaded with a soul backbeat and spoken verses. The verses, which about working hard as you chase your dreams, are blended nicely with Colon's soulful hook sing. Rock band Lit provides an outlaw feel to “I’m Mud” and there’s a distinct “Wanted Dead Or Alive” vibe to the melody while the lyrics and verses are aggressive and ready for the live show and a muddin’ event soundtrack. Granger Smith joins Colt Ford for “Keepin’ It Real” while Tyler Farr returns to a Colt Ford record to sing about trucks with Colt on the insanely fun “My Truck.” Colt Ford goes solo on the radio-ready “4 Lane Gone,” “Drunk Girl” and “Dirt Road Disco.” Each song showcases Colt Ford singing more than he ever has before and it’s something that he definitely is just fine at doing. Especially with the kind of well-written songs he’s able to reel in. Of the three here, “Dirt Road Disco” feels like the best of the bunch while “4 Lane Gone” is a bittersweet story of love gone wrong.

Now nine projects into his unexpected career, Colt Ford continues to make interesting records. There is always a common theme between the projects (represented by the “Love Hope Faith” title) and the good times and good vibes found throughout Love Hope Faith will certainly appease longtime fans and newcomers alike.