Sister Hazel “Lighter In The Dark” Tracklist and Cover Art

The genre-defying band set to release their 13th album in February.

Sister Hazel, the platinum-certified band, will release their first new album in five years, Lighter In The Dark, in February of 2016. The long-awaited 14-track collection, produced by noted Nashville producer Chip Matthews (Lady Antebellam, Brooks & Dunn), represents the band's entrée into the country music genre. Fans ordering the CD at the live shows or the digital album from iTunes will receive an instant download of a sure-to-be fan favorite, “We Got It All Tonight.” Preorder the album here.

While touring in support of their ninth studio album, Sister Hazel will preview some of the brand-new songs. From the intro ballad, “Fall off the Map,” to the heartfelt “Something to Believe In,” to the fun-loving good times of “Kiss Me Without Whiskey” and “Karaoke Song” featuring Darius Rucker, Lighter In The Dark is the first Sister Hazel album to showcase the band's Southern Rock/Country side. The band embraces their roots and Florida music influences wholeheartedly. Each member of the group is involved in writing and performing their songs, and the result is a culmination of 20 years of friendship and musical stylings.

“The five years since our last record has been anything but a straight and clear path,” states bassist/vocalist Jett Beres. “After making records together for over 20 years, we found ourselves struggling to find The Sound; a body of work that would honestly represent who each of us were as a band and as individuals. The music that was created was our “lighter in the dark.” The songs that form this record slowly began to illuminate a clarity of direction and creativity for us. In choosing a record title, this lyric from the song “Something to Believe In” became the clear choice to represent our journey, our struggles, and ultimately our deliverance.”

Lighter In The Dark Track List:

1. "Fall off the Map"
2. "That Kind of Beautiful"
3."Karaoke Song" featuring Darius Rucker
4. "Something to Believe In"
5. "Kiss Me Without Whiskey"
6. "Almost Broken"
7. "Take It With Me"
8. "We Got It All Tonight"
9. "Danger is Real"
10. "Prettiest Girl at the Dance"
11. "Thoroughbred Heart"
12. "Run Highway Run"
13. "Back to Me"
14. "Ten Candle Days"