Single Review: Brooke Eden - "Daddy's Money"

We take a look at the brand new single from the country music newcomer.

It’s been hard to find a true successor in mainstream country to the country/rock attitude that has permeated the genre from Tanya Tucker to Wynonna; from Terri Clark to Gretchen Wilson and Miranda Lambert yet if there’s anyone who pick up the pieces, it’s Brooke Eden with her debut single for Red Bow Records, “Daddy’s Money.”

Quite simply, “Daddy’s Money” is a song that showcases an artist with the vocal swagger of Carrie Underwood mixed with the attitude of the women mentioned above. Maybe country music doesn’t really need such a singer but it’s hard to make a case that there shouldn’t be someone like Brooke Eden around. She’s a talent and one who is worthy of the early buzz that SiriusXM gave her via the “American Dreamin’” single and, now, “Daddy’s Money.” It is songs like these that make Brooke Eden one to watch for 2016 (Note: We’ll have our full list out the week after Christmas).

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