Single Review: Josh Thompson - Wanted Me Gone

Josh Thompson's new single "Wanted Me Gone" should be the kind of timeless earworm that usually builds careers. Does the song have the ability to do the same for him?

“Cold Beer With Your Name On” reintroduced Josh Thompson to Country radio and fans after over a year’s absence and while it did pretty well (Top 30), the follow-up single “Wanted Me Gone” is proving to be exactly the kind of ear worm, steady year-round anthem that has been steadily in Country music for years.  

The chorus which repeats “wanted me” and “I’m movin’” along with the rhythm of the melody instantly inserts itself into your brain where we guarantee it stays for days. It feels like the classic type of Brad Paisley song without feeling like a copy cat or ‘me too’ type of song. Instead, it feels wholly Josh Thompson.

“Wanted Me Gone” hopefully will be the song to break out Josh Thompson at radio and to get more fans to know the talented Wisconsin-native. His brand of Country music is much more Outlaw and Traditional-minded artist, something the mainstream could do well to have more of.



  • Robert Eman

    I've listened to rap , R&B for 30 years now im a country listener and josh Thompson and chris young I would say are my favorites. me and the family made it to the tour for the troops in Pensacola and josh killed it he was great. love wanted me gone. changed my music listening its the best #1.