Story Behind The Song: Tim McGraw / Faith Hill - "Meanwhile Back at Mama's"

The Cadillac Three's Jaren Johnston discusses how "Meanwhile Back At Mama's" came to be written in this Roughstock Exclusive story!

The new Tim McGraw and Faith Hill duet "Meanwhile Back at Mama's" is already a hit, but that should come as no surprise seeing who the writers are behind the lyrics. Jeffrey Steele, Tom Douglas and The Cadillac Three's Jaren Johnston penned the ballad that is already a Top 20 hit and climbing.

"We wrote over at Steeley's place, and if I remember correctly. Tom came in with that title," Johnston recalls to Roughstock. "It was a different play on it, and I can't remember exactly how it was, but once we started working on it, it evolved into 'Meanwhile Back at Mama's.'

"The most exciting part for me was that thing at the end," Johnson continues with a smile. "We had pretty much written the whole thing. We all knew it had to be some sort of twist on it, just because it was too good of a song to just end it normally. I sputtered out me and you back at mama's. We all kind of looked at each other and got quiet, and we were like oh my gosh, that is genius! Then we wrote that whole last chorus.

"Tom and Jeff are both just geniuses," adds Johnson. "It's such a blessing to work with those guys. I learn something every time."