Single Review: Brad Paisley - River Bank

This single has just been shipped to radio and it makes its world debut on the National stage on 2014's ACM Awards. Get the full scoop about "River Bank" from Brad Paisley here!

With the life-cycle of Wheelhouse ending with Top 20 hit “The Mona Lisa,” Brad Paisley has returned with a new single fom his upcoming album. It's a song with early buzz which promised to showcase more of his earlier sound than what was heard on his past couple of records, but after one listen, it’s hard to hear anything that became his trademark in the song except his guitar playing and solo in the song. 

The song has a theme about not needing much to have a good time with one you love and the melody is contemporary with heavy percussion and production techniques to make the song feel like a contemporary ‘bro country’ song without actually being one. Instead, it really is more of what Brad has showcased before. It’s a likable enough song but the vocal does seem a bit ‘weird’ here, for whatever reason. 

With all of the above being said, there’ s nothing here that suggests that “River Bank” will be anything but a big hit, as all lead singles from Paisley albums have been. It’s also perfect for the summer season and is certain to be a popular summer song and a contender for “Song of the Summer 2014.”