Single Review: Kip Moore - Dirt Road

Kip Moore's second single from his unreleased sophomore single showcases more of his unique for Country music artistry.

Kip Moore does a perfect job of providing the intensity that is this song and it isn’t forced or fake. As I'm also a fan of Justin Moore, the song's theme is eerily similar to, “One Dirt Road” on Off the Beaten Path, but still it is very different, mostly in the melody parts and also how Kip approaches the topic of the afterlife.  

“When the preacher talks of heaven, he paints it real nice, he says you better get to livin, better get to livin right.”  I took a drive down a back road this afternoon, and I cranked this song to its max. I had the windows down and felt the spring air and as I passed an American flag in a yard I realized this song captures everything people love about rural America. From that ride down the road with the windows open, to the backsliding Baptist telling you how to live your life. With just enough punch, the single has an in your face approach that says 'I will live how I want to live and I will do what it takes to get where I want to go but if Heaven doesn’t have a dirt road, I don’t want to go, because that is what makes me happy.'

In my mind, there wasn’t enough room for another dirt road song on the Country radio charts. I thought the theme was so played out. But what Kip Moore's "Dirt Road" does for me is that it proves there will always be plenty of room for songs about dirt roads, pickup trucks, riverbanks and beer. Why, because that is small town America.  And with that said, this “Dirt Road” song doesn’t just make the cut, it’s heading for the number one spot.