Pam Tills & Lorrie Morgan (Dos Divas) - I Know What You Did Last Night

With "I Know What You Did Last Night," Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan announced their new project Dos Divas. The 90s Country stars have formed an interesting duo that's all anchored on having fun. Take a look at what we think fo their debut single as a duo here!

Barring the grammatically incorrect mashup of Spanish and Italian — "diva" is Italian in origin, and the correct translation, at least according to Google Translate, is "due dive" — Dos Divas seems to be a solid reminder of both ladies' talent, as seen in lead-off single "I Know What You Did Last Night." A spunky back-and-forth between two ladies, each of who caught the other having fun and making advances on men, "I Know What You Did Last Night" is a cute, entertaining cut. The production is tight and energetic, mainly emphasizing the rhythm section with a few undercurrents of steel. Morgan's voice sounds oddly high and creaky, lacking the sultry smokiness her 90s material had, and the treble is jacked up way too high overall, but otherwise, they both sound like they're having fun tossing barbs at each other.

"I Know What You Did Last Night" is just a fun song by two talented ladies. Neither Tillis nor Morgan has hit Top 40 in close to a decade, but it's clear that they are far from done with their musical journeys. Some acts run out of steam once radio stops playing them, and turn in tired, weak material, but "I Know What You Did Last Night" is a sturdy song that I could actually see either of these two having done in the early 90s.