Album Review: Pam Tillis & Lorrie Morgan (Grits & Glamour) - Dos Divas

Platinum-selling and award-winning artistss in their own right, Grand Ole Opry members Pam Tillis & Lorrie Morgan have joined forces to create Dos Divas under the Grits & Glamour moniker. Does the album hold up to each artist's legacy of strong recordings? Find out here!

Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan have been touring together for a while now (sharing a band, swapping stories) so the idea to come out with a new "duo" album was a smart idea. And for a majority of Dos Divas (released under the title "Grits and Glamour"), the album works really well and in other places where the album's mixing gets a little out of hand, the songs still win.  

Case in point is the brilliantly written "I Am A Woman." The lead-off track for Dos Divas, the song finds Lorrie Morgan mixed a little higher and tinny than she naturally sounds and when performed live, it sounds just fine. Whatever the reason for the mix, it derails what is an otherwise great song performed by two of Country music's finest stylist/vocalists. If it had not started-off the album, it might not have been so startling. Still, they duo manages to recover from there and deliver throught the rest of Dos Divas.

The album has fun moments like "What Was I Thinkin" (written by the duo), "I Know What You Did Last Night" and "Dos Divas" while the duo's solo tracks are anchored by Lorrie Morgan's "Last Night's Make Up" (the best song outside of "I Am A Woman") and "Tillis' "Even The Stars." 

Dos Divas may not get Pam and Lorrie much mainstream radio airplay but it will garner a lot of attention from their fans and with the 14 tracks here (which are mostly strong), it's a record that is well worth seeking out (warts and all).