Joe Nichols - "Take It Off"

With his biggest hits being songs like "Gimmie That Girl" and "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off," it's not any real surprise that Joe Nichols returns to the charts with "Take It Off," a similarly thmed song. Is it as good as either of the other two hits?

Much like Nichols’ 2005 chart-topper “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”, this song isn’t as provocative as the title would lead you to believe. Unlike “Tequila” though, this song lacks the imagination and cleverness that made that song a smash. Instead, “Take It Off” loosely pieces together a vacation getaway through things you can take off; Jeep soft top, boat on a trailer, cut-off jeans (with bikini underneath, of course), and sunglasses in the water. The chorus is a bit stronger though, still built on the “take it off” premise, but at least each thing is linked and paints an effective picture of the carefree fun that Nichols is advocating. The song isn’t without its merits though, as the production is strong, building up to the chorus, then showing restraint and allowing Nichols vocals to shine without undue competition. Clearly, a song like this isn’t meant to be over-analyzed, merely enjoyed for what it is. Got something on your mind? Roll the windows down, turn the song up, and Take It Off.

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