Bluefield - Drive Away

Bluefield first came known to some folks as the band behind the passionate ballad "Butterfly." While that single failed to do too much at radio, there is potential for "Drive Away" to break the male-female duo open on the charts.

Bluefield is, like Sugarland, a male-female duo but that's where the similarities end. Whereas Sugarland came 'from the outside' of the genre, Rick Ferrell and Jennifer Hicks have been in the Nashville community for years with Ferrell having co-written songs like Tim McGraw's "Something Like That" and Martina McBride's "Where Would You Be" while Hicks was showcased on Nashville Star a few years back. Both have unique voices and when presented together, they blend like siblings. Recently signed to Country Thunder Records, the duo released "Butterfly" earlier this year and saw the touching single about an unborn child place on the lower-levels of the charts. It simply was too non-traditional of a single to start a career with (particularly for a duo like Bluefield).

The duo has returned with a more traditional song in "Drive Away." With Ferrell singing lead vocals (he did release a solo album earlier this decade with DreamWorks Records), the song takes place as a guy laments why his woman has decided to leave him. While the production is a standard music row production with cascading drums, the jangly acoustic guitars and Hammond backing up with some fiddle and steel guitar noticeably in the mix, backs up Ferrell's unique vocals. If this single can't get the duo on radio, nothing but a miracle will.