Jessica Simpson - Come On Over

Pop crossovers are nothing new these days but Jessica Simpson may just be the biggest 'crossover' artist yet with her transition.

Rumored to be happening for six years now, Jessica Simpson's crossover attempt to country music is now a reality with the release of her debut country single. Written by Simpson, Victoria Banks and Rachel Proctor, "Come On Over" is the kind of inoffensive song with tempo that dominates country music's summer airwaves and in that regard it's a cant-miss song that also finds Simpson completely at home in the modern country genre. The problem with this may just be that Country music is overflowing with singers like Jessica. And while breezy, hook-filled songs make radio and fans happy in the summertime, when this fall rolls around we're gonna be in the mood for more lyrically stronger songs. So, in the end, "Come On Over" serves as a nice introduction to modern country radio, especially with that catchy melody, but it isn't the kind of song that foreshadows a long-time career in country music, which is what Jessica is looking for after her career in every other area has seemingly failed as of late.