Sam Hunt - "Downtown's Dead"

Check out the lyrics to the follow-up to the worldwide smash hit "Body Like A Backroad" here!

Written by Sam Hunt, Zach Crowell, Josh Osborne, Shane McAnally and Charlie Handsome
Produced by Zach Crowell and Charlie Handsome

The city's so in style
All you see for miles are people spillin'
In and out of cars
Man all of these bars are making a killin'
Everywhere I go
Looks like the place to be
I see people that I know
But I feel like there's no one here but me

Downtown's dead without you
Girls walk by and friends say hi
But Friday night it might as well be just another
Tuesday night without you
As long as you're still in my head
There ain't no way that I can paint a ghost town red
Downtown's dead
Downtown's dead

They’re dancin' in the strobes
Out here in the throes
Loud house music
Everything's a blur
I don't hear the words but lips are moving
Tried to get involved
But I've 'bout had enough
People wall to the wall
And I'm just holdin' it up 'cause

Repeat Chorus

Free drinks, bright lights
What am I doin' with my life
Ok, I quit
I've had enough of this
These people are losing their minds
Can't get you out of my head
I'm callin' it a night
And I'm crawlin' back to your bed

Repeat Chorus

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