Lucy Hale - "Kiss Me"

You walk in and act so surprised
Even though every Friday night I’m here, you know I’m here
You talk to some girl, I dance with some guy,
We catch each other’s eye and we pretend like we don’t care
But I know you know I know we ain’t really let this go, no

When you leave here and you drive home
You take a turn down my road
I watch you through my window
And hide so you can’t see
Don’t you know I want you with me
And it ain’t just ‘cause I’m tipsy
You can act like it’s still over and you don’t miss me
Or you could just kiss me

We’ve talked and talked and talked some more
Overthought this thing right out the door
But I don’t wanna talk no more
Who are we kiddin’ why are we pretendin’
Wish you’d just go on and lean in now, what are you waitin’ for
So either tell me I’m insane, or let’s call off this crazy game


Kiss me like the first time
Leave your lips on mine
I can’t remember why
We ever said goodbye