Eli Young Band - "Let's Do Something Tonight"

If you're lookin' for a reason not to all it a night I got one
I wanna get you right up to where you're feelin' alright and then some
I wanna take this conversation outta this neon situation
Instead of us not sayin' what we're both thinkin'
And I'm Thinkin'

Let's do something tonight
We'll be talking about in the morning
In the morning, in the morning, yeah

We can find a little song we ain't ever heard and sing it
Pour a little glass of something smooth and strong and drink it
We can lose all track of time, my eyes on yours and yours on mine
Before the fear of falling starts to sink in, I'm 'thinking

Repeat Chorus

Girl we can do it all night long
Say the word and we'll be gone
We can do anything you ever wanted
Let's do something tonight, yeah,
Tonight, yeah

Repeat Chorus

Tonight, tonight, yeah
Tonight, yeah