Brandy Clark - "Get High"

She hates her job, loves her kids
Bored with her husband
Tired of the same old list of things to do
So wen the to-dos have all ben done
She sits down at the kitchen table
And rolls herself a fat one

Smoke so sweet fills the air
She maybe ought to crack a window
But all she can do is stare at the paint
That's been peeling off the walls
A couple tokes and her troubles don't seem all that tall

You know life will let you down
Love will leave you lonely
Sometimes to only way to get by
Is to get high

She laughs out loud at who she used to be
A girl who'd a looked down on
A woman's moking weed in her kitchen
Sometimes she misses those younger days
Seeing the world through rose colored glasses
Instead of this purple haze

Repeat Chorus

So she tucks her kids in at night
Kisses her husband turns off the light
And talks to God
Says Lord gel me accept what I cannot change
But until I learn to do that
Thanks for the Mary Jane