Cassadee Pope - "Everybody Sings"

There's a guy at the door
Wearing black eyeliner
There's a birthday girl
Goin' for an all-nighter
And the frat boys
Knockin' back shots with the bikers
Just another night
With a bunch of outsiders, yeah
All the neon signs
Lighting up our faces
Grab another round
Add another for the waitress
the kick drum kicks in loud
And our song's comin'
Thru the speakers thumpin' all night long
All night long

Everybody Sways
To the beat while the record plays
Everybody knows
How it goes
Woah, oh, oh
Hands up in the air
Nobody cares
We don't stop for anything
Around here
Everybody sings
Everybody sings

We're dancin' like fools
With the music blasting
Trying not to spill the drins
in our glasses
No, we're not goin' home
Til the taps run dry
We're all shinin' in our own spotlight
Singing every line
Feels so right

Repeat Chorus

Singin' Stomping our own feet
Hand on our hips
it's gotta be
As good as it gets
Stomping our feet
Hands on our hips
It's gotta be
As Good as it gets
Stomping, shaking
It's gotta be
As good as it gets

Repeat Chorus