Brothers Osborne - "Let's Go There"

There's a postcard picture
At the back of our minds
Of a place we never been
Where the sunshine shines
Stop makin’ excuses
About the dog and the cat
Just get a general direction
And a roadmap

Baby let's go there
Hop in the truck and get outta here
We're goin’ out of our minds
With our shoulder to the grind
Gettin' nowhere
Baby it’s high time
To get away together, just you and I
While we're hesitatin ‘
There's a piece of heaven waitin’ on us somewhere
So baby let's go there

We'll tell your momma that we're leavin’
We'll stick a sprinkler in the yard
Turn off the gas and water heater
Girl it ain’t that hard
We'll leave the laundry on the line
Forget the dishes in the sink
Just grab a string bikini
And your sunscreen

Repeat Chorus

There ain’t nothin’ wrong
With gettin’ good at gettin’ gone
And by the time we're done this song
We'll be long gone

Repeat Chorus

Baby let’s go there

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