Big & Rich - "Cheat On You"

You better hope another man don’t look her way too long/
You better hope he don’t do all the things right that you’ve done wrong/
If he comes knockin’ she’ll just turn him down/
’Cause she’s not the kind of girl that goes runnin’ around//

But you make her wanna cheat on you/
For all the hurtin’ that you put her through/
She wants to stand by her man but I’m not sure if she can/
’Cause you make her wanna cheat on you//

She tries to be your everything all the time in every way/
She lit the candles, pulled the covers back and put on that lingerie/
Then you come walkin’ in and you fall into bed/
You never say a word or even turn your head/
And it makes her...//

Repeat Chorus

She’s been livin’ for a love that keeps letting her down’/
Looking for a reason just to hang around

Repeat Chorus