Big & Rich With Bon Jovi - "Born Again"

Did you miss me, well I ain’t been gone/
I been making little babies, I been writing big songs/
Come and kiss me, yeah it’s been too long/
Since we tore a town down like King Kong/

A lot of young guns try to fill these boots/
They want the green without the black and blue/
They don’t understand and this ain’t just talking/
I’ve been a dead man walking

Chorus: Born again
Yes I’m born again
I’ll be white knuckle gripping when I spit in the wind
Riding high in the saddle with a six string (shit eating) grin
I’m born again
I been born again

Another headline, yeah we’re back in the news
Hillbilly Jedis with attitude
We come to raise the roof in your backyard
We put the lightning back in a jar
Your witnessing the evolution of a country revolution
It’s a congregation for the melody
All you country sons and daughters
Get down in the dirty water
Make you holler…make you set it free
Say…born again