Brad Paisley - "Camouflage"

Submitted by: christopher r.
12:45 AM 10/3/2011

Intro: (A) (E) (E) (E) (E) (A) (E) (E) (E) (E)

(E) Kevin wasn't really all that (A) popular in (E) schoole-
But I remember well the day I thought well that guy is pretty (B) cool,.-
(E) He pulled into the parking lot and (A) everybody (E) cheered
Because (A) he had gone and painted (E) his entire (B) Chevy Cava(E)lier

Camou(E)flage it disappears when it pulls out of his gar(B)age
Camou(A)flage-Camou(E)flage (A)

I asked Penny to the prom and her mom knew how to sew
so she made a matching tux and gown from Duckline Mossy Oak
We took pictures in the backyard before we went to the dance
And the only thing you can see is our faces and our hands

Camou(A)flage, Camou(E)flage
You should have seen the way it popped with her cor(B)sage
Camou(A)flage, Camou(E)flage (A), ain't (E) nothing doesn't (B) go with Camou(E)flage

You can (A) blend in in the (E) country
you can (B) stand out in the fashion (E) world
Be in(A)visible to a (E) white tail and irre(F#)sistible to redneck (B) girl

Camouflage, Camouflage
Oh you're my favorite color Camouflage


You can blend in in the country
you can stand out in the fashion world
being invisible to a white tail and irresistible to redneck girl

Well the stars and bars offends some folks and I guess I see why
Nowadays there's still a way to show your southern pride
The only thing is patriotic as the old red white and blue
Is green and gray and black and brown and tan all over, too

Repeat Chorus Twice and Fade