Hank Williams - "Jesus Is Callin'"

Jesus is Callin' Callin'
Callin' night and day
And you will hear Him
If you'll just pray
He's callin' for you
So don't turn away
Jesus is callin' callin'
callin' night and day.

When your soul is waery
And it seems you lost your way
Jesus is callin
Callin' night and day
When you need a friend
To go with you all the way
Jesus is callin callin'
Callin' night and day
(Repeat 1 st verse)

If you're lost in sin
There's no need for you to stay
Jesus is Callin'
Callin' night and day
If the night is dark
You will soon see the day
Jesus is Callin callin'
Callin' night and day.

(Repeat 1 st verse)