Jeremy McComb - "This Town Needs A Bar"

Who builds a town, without a neon light,
there should be a place, where the lonely go at night
for people just like me, who just want to disappear
in the smoke and the darkness Maybe drop a couple tears

This town needs a bar
cause I need a drink,
a little place not too far
where I dont have to think
or wonder who your with,
dont wanna wonder where you are,
that might do the trick, this town needs a bar

Theres a bank down this street
that helped us buy this house,
that I no longer want because your not in it now
and that church on the corner
I can go and pray and the doors
are always open, but I dont wanna go today,


We had everything we needed to build a life a settle down,
everything was right there,
til you weren't around