Lonnie Beals - "In Too Deep"

If you see me standing here,
will you search my eyes for fear?
Will you grab my hand or run?
Will you let me come undone?
If it's all the same to you,
I'd like to start anew,
and I will help you through the night
if you help me see the light.
You're walking toward my door
Just like you did before
And I reach out my hand
But you're with another man
And now I see you standing there
with his fingers in your hair
I can't take it anymore
As the gun drops to the floor
The cops are walking to my door
Just like they've done before
And I reach out my hands
The cuffs are on again
And now I'm sitting here
The bars fill me with fear
I never wanted to hurt you
I just couldn't take losing you.