yoakam dwight - "i sang dixie-crd"


Subject: Dwight Yoakam - " I sang Dixie "

Chorus [G]I sang dixie as he died
people just walked on by [G7] as I [C]cried
the bottle had a r[G]obbed him of all his r[G7]ebel p[C]ried
and I sang d[D]ixie as he [G]died [G]way down yonder in the land of cotton
o[C]ld times there aint near as rotton as they a[G]re
on these damne dold LA s[D]treets
[G]he drew a dying breath lai[C]d his head agains my chest
pl[G]ease lord take his so[D]ul bhack home to d[G]ixie Repeat Chorus He said listen to me sone while you still can
r[C]un back home to that sothern land
don't you s[G]ee what life here has done to [D]me
t[G]hey closed those old blue eyes a[C]nd he fell limp
against myside no more p[G]ain now he's sa[D]fe back
home in d[G]ixie. There may need to be some minor corrections to this tab , If there are any please feel free to correct me :)
P.S , I would really like some help correcting the T.G. Sheppard - Party time . CRD, If anyone has time . Tex -- [email protected]