yoakam dwight - "honky tonk man-tab"


Subject: dwight yoakum addition submission

this part from the archives...
bright country shuffle

Honky-tonk man
J. Horton, T. Franks, H. Hausey

D A7 D
I'm living fast and dangerously - but I've got plenty of company.
D A7
When the moon comes up and the sun goes down
That's when I want to see the lights of town
D |D G| D |G| D D7|
'Cause I'm a Honky-Tonk Man ---- and I can't seem to stop,
D7 G |D A7|D A7
I love to give the girls a whirl to the music of the old juke box
D A7
But when my money's all gone I'm on the telephone, callin':
D |G A7|
'Hey, hey, mama, can your daddy come home?'

D |G D|
Repeat, ending: 'Hey, hey, mama, can your daddy come home?'
Title: honky tonk man
Artist: dwight yoakam
Writer: j. horton-t. franks-h. hausey
Album: guitars cadillacs and the import this is dwight yoakam

here is my addition to what is already in the archives..the above is from
the archives, and below is my addition...

opening on acustic:
------------------------------------------------------------ for this
------------------------------------------------------------ / means bend
--------------------------------------2-2-0-0--------------- 1/2 step.

first fill on electric:
------------------- most of the time this fill will be used
------------------- i will notate the other fills with
-----------2------- the line they go along with...

-------------------- -3/-3/---3/-3/--
and i -------3------------ and i -2/-2/---2/-2/-- /=bend
cant -0-2/4---4/2-0------ cant seem ---------------- 1/2
seem to ---------------2-0--trill to stop ---------------- step
stop -------------------- (2nd time)----------------

here is the solo on acustic:



----------------------- the reat of the song consists of the same
----------------------- fills notated above....pete anderson rules!!!

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