walker clay - "hypnotize the moon-crd"


Subject: Hypnotize the Moon by Clay Walker

song: hypnotize the moon
by: clay walker
album: Hypnotized The Moon

intro: G D/G G, C, D7

She(G)knew she caught my eye, and(Cmaj7)that was all it took,

Ain't it(Am)strange how forev(Em)er changed,

(Bm)with just one look(C)(D)

The(G)magic filled the night, she touched my(Cmaj7)soul like

noone else, Yes, the(Am)way that woman made(Em)me feel,

left me(Bm)talking to myself__,



You(Cmaj9)better run for cover, you(Bm)better hide your heart,

cause(Am7)once you start to(D)love her you(G)know you'll

never stop(G/B), She (Cmaj9)shines like a diamond when she

(Bm)walks into a (Em)room, she could(Am)charm the(Em)stars,

(C)hypnotize(D)the moon(G) (D/G) (G) (Cmaj7) (D7)

(G)Once I held her close, I (Cmaj7)knew just where I stood,

No, you(Am)never get a(Em)second chance,

(Bm)to ever feel so good(C) (D)

(G)Then and there I knew,

these(Cmaj7)words were etched in stone,

If(Am)you can't feel the pow(Em)er of the

(Bm)greatest love you've known(C),


F C G F C D Dsus D, end solo) You, repeat chorus

(C) (D) she could(Am)charm the stars(Em),

(C)hypnotize(D)the moon

G, D/G, G, Cmaj7, D7, G

THE END.....