walker clay - "a few questions2-crd"


Artist: Clay Walker
Title: A few questions
Released: April 2003

Clay Walker - A few questions

Intro chords G - Em - c

(Verse 1)

G Em
How in this world, can we put a man on the moon,
G Em C
And still have a need, for a place like St. Jude's,
G G/F#
And why is one man born,
Em D
In a place where all they know is war,
C Dsus D
And a guy like me, has always been free,

(verse 2)

G Em
And how can two people, who built a loving home,
G Em C
Try for years, and never have a child of their own,
G G/F#
And somewhere out there tonight,
Em D
There's a baby no one's holdin' tight,
C Dsus D
In need of love, to me that don't add up,


Em C G D
(But) I wasn't there the day, you filled up the oceans,
Em C G D
I didn't get to see you hang the stars in the sky,
So I don't mean to second guess you,
Em D C
Or criticize what I don't understand,
C (pause) G - Em - C - G
These are just a few questions I have,

(verse 3)

And why did my cousin, have to die in that crash,
A good kid only seventeen, still wonderin' bout that,
It seems unfair to me,
Some get the chance to chance their dreams
And some don't, But what do I know

(go to chorus then lead)
(Lead chords are - Em - C - A - C)
(then ending verse)

(Ending Verse)
Why do I feel like, you hear these prayers of mine,
When so many oughta be, ahead of me in line,
When you look down on me,
Can you see the good through all the bad,
These are just are a few questions I have,