welch kevin - "kickin back in amsterdam-crd"


Subject: Kevin Welch

Kickin' Back in Amsterdam
written by Kevin Welch
performed by Kevin Welch on "Life Down Here on Earth"


1.Big wheels touch down half past nine
Immigration pulls me out of line
Looked him in the eye, said man to man
I'm just kickin' back in Amsterdam

2.Must have been long about half past ten
Immigration finally let me in
Said taxi driver take me to the hotel grande
Kickin' back in Amsterdam

3.I've been pushing too hard, thinking too much
I began to wonder if I lost my touch
Right here I'm gonna make my stand
Kickin' back in Amsterdam

4.Coffee shops smokin' and the red lights on
Can't help feeling like I belong
Place around the corner got a badass band
Kickin' back in Amsterdam

5.Big wheels take off half-past five
It's a minor miracle I'm alive
I do these things 'cause I know I can
Kickin' back in Amsterdam

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