wills bob - "deep water-crd"



Recorded by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
Vocal by Tommy Duncan
Words and music by Fred Rose

[C] I'm - drifting into [F] Deep [C] Water
I'm starting to care for [G] you
[C] You're getting me in [F] Deep [C] Water
Be [G] careful what you [C] do.

[G] You want a romance, but [D] I'm seekin' love
I know I'll regret [D7] it when it [G7] ends
[C] I'm - windin' up in [F] Deep [C] Water
Why [G] can't we just be [C] friends.

It's - restless in this Deep Water
I'm lost between right and wrong
My love is true as Deep Water
Your love won't last as long.

Where will it lead me and where will it end
I can't help but wish I only knew
I'm - windin' up in Deep Water
So deep in love with you.

Note. Recorded in Chicago, October 16, 1947
Time-LIfe Country and Western Classics