Aaron Tippin - "The Sound Of Your Goodbye"


Subject: song submission

Title: The sound of your goodbye (Sticks and Stones)
Artist: Aaron Tippin
Album: Read between the lines (1992)
Writer: Aaron Tippin, Michael Heeney


[G]Girl I've got scars and [C]I've seen stars
From [G]men nearly [D]twice my [G]size
Yeah, [G]life's sticks and stones have [C]broke a few bones
But [G]I've always surv[D]ived
So [G]when I take a look at [C]all I've took
It [G]don't seem [D]right to [G]me
How a [G]little bitty woman with [D]just a few words
Could [G]bring me [D]to my [G]knees

Sticks and [C]stones wouldn't hurt a [G]bit
Compared to the [Em]cold cruel words [C]that just left your [D]lips
I'd rather you [C]pick up a rock, a [D]stick full of thorns
[G]Rear back and let 'em [C]fly
'Cause those [G]sticks wouldn't cut, [D]stones hurt as much
As the [C]sound of [D]your good[G]bye

Yeah, I [G]know I'm the reason [C]for your leavin'
[G]I'm to blame [D]sure [G]enough
It's [G]like you say there [C]ain't a woman made
That can [C]live without true [D]love
So if [G]it's too late to [C]set things straight
And [G]there's [D]no forgiving [G]me
Then [G]don't say nothin', just [C]pick you up something
That'll [G]end this [D]mis[G]ery


This is the way I play this fun song. Any corrections welcome.