Aaron Tippin - "Kiss This "

She was a woman on a mission.
Here to drown him and forget 'im.
So I set her up again to wash 'im down.
She had just about succeded when that
low down no good cheatin' good for nothin'
came struttin' through the crowd.
Oh, he was layin' it on so thick.
He never missed a lick.
Professin' his never ending love.
Oh, but I never will forget, when she stood up and said
"So I guess you think we're just gonna kiss and make up,
don't ya?" That's when she said:

Why don't you kiss, kiss this.
And I don't mean on my rosy red lips.
'Cause me and you, we're through.
And there's only one thing left for you to do.
You just come on over here one last time
pucker up and close your eyes
and kiss this, goodbye.

Well, the next thing I recall
she had him backed against the wall.
Chewin' 'im like a bulldog on a bone.
She was puttin' 'im in his place
and I mean right up in his face
draggin' 'im down a list of done-me-wrongs.
Well, it was just about now, that a croud gathered 'round.
They'd come to watch 'im pay for his ev'ry sin.
She called 'im ev'rything of the sun.
And when we thought that she was done,
she reared back, and she let 'im have it again, man!

Repeat Chorus twice