tritt travis - "only you-crd"


Subject: Song onlyou

ONLY YOU (And You Alone)
by Buck Ram and Ande Rand

Sung by Travis Tritt on CD: Greatest Hits

(Prepared by Allan Travers)

Only [A]you can make this [C#7]world seem right

Only [F#M]you can make the [EM7]darkness [A7]bright

Only [D]you and you a[E7]lone can [C#7]thrill me like you [F#M]do

And [B7]fill my heart with love for only [E7]you....

Only [A]you can make this [C#7]change in me

for it's [F#M]true you are my [EM7]desti[A7]ny

When you [D]hold my hand,

I [Dm]understand the [A]magic [G#]that [G]you [F#]do

You're my [B7]dream come true,

my [E7]one and Only [A]You